The goal of alearning management system is to provide professional development to Learning and Development (L&D) departments so that they can maintain a company’s growth, success, and ultimately revenue. These are some significant learning objectives. A learning management system must be an intelligent and modern solution to achieve all the above. This is because people must enjoy using a platform for it to gain widespread adoption. When an LMS implements modern solutions that individuals are used to working with, audiences respond most naturally. Traditional methods of employee training, including as paper assessments and in-person instructor-led training, are no longer effective for today’s learners. BizLibrary provide an opportunity for the corporate-focused learning management. The system provides a searchable library of prebuilt courses and materials that are mobile-accessible and include assessment and gamification capabilities.

BizLibrary LMS is an online learning platform that assists businesses in implementing an effective employee learning and development program. Its extensive library of microlearning films covers topics such as technology, workplace safety, and business skills. Learners can access content whenever and wherever they choose.

The platform is divided into three levels.

Many of BizLibrary’s main features, such as a branded portal, personalized user experience, curated learning paths, curriculum builder, playlists, self-registration, administrative course assignments, course recommendation engine, email messaging, and gamification, are included in the learning portal tier.

Content management tier provides tools such as a quiz and survey builder, custom content management, and the Community Social Learning and Collaboration app. Custom courses, embedded videos, and learning assets can also be added to a user’s curriculum.

Learning management – This tier includes all of the elements stated above, as well as learning initiatives, qualification management, and classroom and external training management.

Top Alternative For BizLibrary is Further!

What is Furtyher?

Further is a mobile learning curation platform to enhance learning and skill.

Thanks to Further, you can benefit from informal and artificial intelligence-supported learning. Without the hassle of organizing courses, you can start improving yourself by simply choosing the skills you want.

In addition, with the Content Creator platform, you can customize the training according to your needs using artificial intelligence without a human touch, without the need to manually allocate lessons or content, thanks to artificial intelligence.

What does Further offer?

  • Artificial Intelligence backed personalization
  • Leverage free internet content
  • Plug and play mobile learning experience platform
  • Skill Reports and certificates

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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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