Create a continuous learning experience for your .

Select and compile content from thousands of sources to support the skill learning process of your people, track valuable informal education data.


Select - Automate - Track & Report


Select and compile content from thousands of sources.


Add your people and create groups. Automate their skill learning process.

Track & Report

Track the priceless informal education data of your people and get constant reports on their progress.


AI backed - personalization

Our AI backed algorithm learns with you and your people, constantly upping the quality of the content suggestions that will help further personalize the learning experience.

Millions of content - video, blog / sources

Millions of content in any form you like, from videos to blog sources. Upload your own content with full control and discoverability.

Automated tracking

Smartly placed trackers help you automatically analyze the learning behaviours of your people.

Rewarding / badges, certificates

Rewards motivate. Award your people with automatically created badges and certificates when they complete their training.

Customized reports

Get daily, weekly and monthly reports, all AI backed and tailor made for your needs.

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