Align L&D with Your Business

Having L&D programs that contribute employees’ development and helping them on their way to pursue their goals are very important. From organization’s perspective it’s also important to align L&D programs with your business to make your business profitable. Let’s see 5 tips to align L&D programs with your business.

1.Formalization of the corporate training

Formal L&D strategy helps the company to have a clear vision. Following a well-structured plan is more likely to be successful. That will also create an education culture in your company. Your company will not only be a working place for your employees but also a center of education. It also enables employees to evaluate how such plans fit into the overall corporate strategy.

2- Keep your content up to date

To have a nice L&D program you must have a fresh platform. So, if a company wants to get an efficient learning ecosystem it needs a long-term content strategy. In such a fast changing world they should come up with good and relevant content so consumers can make the most out of it. Researches shows us that %65 of workers use specific websites to learn. As a business owner you should have that in mind and deliver original and up to date content for your workers.

3-Have a Data-Driven Learning Design

We are living in the age of data. As of every other team L&D teams need data. Data is key to make decisions and to see if they are working. L&D teams use data to understand what kind of contents work best. Teams also understand the consuming habits of people and the details like how they consume or when they consume. L&D teams should be ready to modernize their system by analyzing the data that they collect.

4-Test and Learn

There is no one and only answer for everybody. You should go and try to see which L&D program works best for you. You should also get feedback on the outcome. Do not be afraid to change things and ask your employees to learn if they feel better with the change or what could be better.

5-Focus on the Basics

L&D teams should focus on the basics, they should provide the information in the time of need, they should do it efficiently, and they should make it easily accessible. You should not make it complicated for you. When training teams focus on integrating effective solutions into flow of work, good business outcomes will follow.

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