March 28, 2023 Barış Bingöl

What is a “Content Curation Strategy“? 

What is a “Content Curation Strategy“? 

Content curation; is the practice of searching, identifying, compiling and sharing meaningful content with the target audience. Given the benefits it brings, curation is an important part of the content marketing strategy. 

With the high volumes of information available online today and the reduced attention span of readers, curation allows marketers to share content that is both valuable and useful to their target audience. From content curated blog posts with basic statistics to sharing articles from industry leaders on social media, there is no limit. There are many areas in curation where content can be shared. These include blogs, emails, newsletters, and social media platforms. 

Why Content Curation?  

Content creation requires a lot of resources, but 55% of marketers have small teams to develop their own content. By finding and sharing the best content that resonates with its audience, marketing teams can develop thought leadership, increase relevance, increase productivity and strengthen their editorial calendars. Successful content curation begins with getting to know and understand the target audience. Asking some questions when creating content can give clarity about the needs of the audience.  

Some of the questions that can be asked for this purpose are:  

What does audience look for when they looking for information?  

What is the biggest need of target audience? 

What content does target audience share on social media? 

Does audience prefer reviews and comparisons, or interested in new industry trends? 

Also, the most effective way to know what buyers want is usually to conduct online surveys. 

For this purpose, preparing questions that will allow customers to express their desires is an important factor. 

Knowing what you want to achieve with content optimization determines the type of content shared and where it is shared. As a result, it is much more possible to see the strategic benefits of shared content, no matter what type of content is shared on which platform. Also share curated content on social media in the form of in-page links, infographics and summary articles to increase search engine rankings. 

Another consideration is that when sharing selected content, it is extremely important to make the content unique and attractive to users. One way to make selected content look unique is to add ideas or give it unique.  

Paying attention to copyrights is also important at this point. By adding value to the content curated, it is extremely important to avoid sharing the original content as it is and to be able to include its own interpretation. 

Instead of automatically sharing the titles of the article in article posts, take a few minutes to add thoughts to put it in context. If it can be created content well, it will affect viewers and ensure persistence. 

In summary, content creation is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are struggling with. With time shortages and limited staff, content creation is a challenging task. But content curation offers a great alternative. It saves time while allowing marketers to share valuable content that their readers want. It can increase customer engagement by drawing traffic site for posts. This gives the opportunity to open a dialogue with the influencers that want to connect with. As a result, correct and effective service is provided to brands, products and audiences by establishing healthy communication with the target audience. 


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