March 28, 2023 Barış Bingöl

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Manufacturing Industry 

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Manufacturing Industry 

Manufacturing industry is changing like any other industry in 21st century. It is evolving because of irregularities in the world. Corona virus outbreak has raised economic hardships for business across the globe. With factories shutting down, one of the most effected sectors was manufacturing sector. Costumers also changed their habits of consumption, they rose their demand only for essential goods. So to fight with all of this problems, innovation is a strategic priority for manufacturing today. People in the manufacturing sector are well aware of the need and importanca of integrating processes like artificial intelligence and cloud services. Now in the 21st century investing time and money into the way company works and relation with customers is a must. Thats why L&D is important for manufacturing industry. 

Since we are living in the age of information, being able to educate the employees is key for companies. Companies need a system that helps their workers to have continuous learning experience. In the fast changing working environment that we have today continuous learning is essential. L&D teams should take the lead to build a nice and effective curriculum for learners. The education must be flexible so everybody can make the most out of it. Also supervisors need the give employees a goal and career path to follow. In this way learners who see that they are gaining different skills will become more engaged. 

The program of the L&D team need to be different than mediocre educations that we frequently see on the internet.  Because these courses are not student-centered they are not made for spesific needs. They don’t have well-prepared and constructed quizzes either. So we generally see that these training on internet take too much time of ours, and they also don’t teach us that much. 

Let’s talk about the things what makes a L&D program good for the manufacturing industry. Well, gamification is one of these things for sure. The world changes, so does the way we learn. Nobody wants boring educations anymore. Games can motivate learners and increase their engagement. Games also allow for practice and feedback. Micro learning is also one of the key terms when it comes to learning. Micro learning is related to the concept of continuous learning. In the course of life, most of us may not have time to spend long hours on an education. This short-term learning experience can occur anywhere and even in the smallest of time intervals. By integrating these solutions effectively to your L&D system your company can get better results. 

In manufacturing we are used to see things changing fast. The same goes for learning. So the companies should not wait until being driven out of business to change their models of training. 

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