March 28, 2023 Arda Helvacılar

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Food and Beverage Industry 

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Food and Beverage Industry 

Food and beverage industry has always been one of the biggest industries. The industry’s global market value was estimated to be 8.8 billion in 2019. Since the industry is very competitive firms are trying to outscale each other but it is not that easy. The quality of the employees play a key role here. That’s why L&D in the food and beverage industry is crucial. 

We know that food and beverage industry has millions of employees worldwide. But we know that employees are not getting a proper training. A recent study shows us that %52 of employees working in the food and beverage industry only receive training when they join their organization. As we know the industry is changing fast and continuous learning has a big role to play to keep the employees’ knowledge up to date. Also, %70 of the food and beverage industry employees say that they have never received any customer-service training. When we consider the fact that %89 of the employees have to deal with customers face-to-face. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that L&D will be more and more important in the industry. But what are the methods to apply to improve the quality of L&D in the food and beverage industry ? 

The companies are trying to train their workers. However everybody needs different types of education, people are not same. Personalized education is the new trend. This method focuses on the learner and his/her characteristics. It makes the education process much easier by using the learning methods that the individual needs and is comfortable with. These methods are very good to use in situations such as quickly adapting an employee to a new role or profession. At the same time, with the help of the applications on our phone, it is possible to learn a content verbally, written or equipped with visuals, whichever learning tool we can comprehend better. So a personalized L&D program will be helpful for all types of employees that you have. Also, methods like gamification will help. By using this method you can help your employees to make the most out of the training. Games can motivate learners and increase their engagement. By using these methods and others, you can enhance the efficiency of the L&D program that your company offers. Food and beverage training methodologies can be used to improve training outcomes for subjects like ammonia refrigeration basics, industrial safety and health, and basic electricity and many others.Thanks to L&D programs tracking and reporting on training progress will be easier in the industry. This is why L&D will play a huge role in the food and beverage industry. 


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