March 28, 2023 Barış Bingöl

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Education Industry 

The Importance of Learning & Development In the Education Industry 

Education is booming, in almost every part of the world people have better access to education compared to 20 years ago. Growing global population is thirst for knowledge. OECD countries spend %11.3 of their GDP to education activities. This is more than 10 thousand dollars per year and it’s getting bigger and bigger by time. But the education is changing so fast as well. Corona virus outbreak has accelarated this process. Experts are saying that education must adapt to the new normal. So, that’s why L&D is very important in the industry of education. 

Since we are moving towards online education L&D teams must adapt to this as soon as possible. The ones who are late to adapt are likely to lose their place in the industry. Trends are changing so fast. Let’s see some trends that L&D teams in the education industry must follow. 

First of these trends that L&D teams must follow closely is life-long learning trend. Each industrial revolution has changed the nature of works and jobs. The current one may change %50 percent of jobs so professionals  who want to remain competitive in their environment must re-skill themselves. From the perspective of the companies it’s not different either. Companies must change their way to operate to stay up to date and competitive. In the education industry it’s very essential to provide update the contents and give learners life-long learning experience. 

Seeing that technology will dominate the education industry is a no-brainer. The explosion of technology over the past two decades has not left any sector behind. We see millions of students enrolled in some distance learning courses. The growth of technological capabilities means that new tools will be used for high-quality education. These tools include different concepts one of which is tracking system. Tracking the training process of someone and giving them feedbacks is pretty important. Thanks to the data collected on online platforms, it is now very easy to do it. We also see some other trends like personalized learning which means the education received will be adapted to that person. The way that the person likes to learn will be more considered than ever before. Notions like micro-learning have entered to our lives as well. Learning something while waiting the bus is possible now. Due to the changes like this in the education industry it is very important to have a good learning and development team. 


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