March 28, 2023 Ceyhun Aslan

The importance of content curation and why it’s essential to training 

The importance of content curation and why it’s essential to training 

With the pandemic entering our lives, our business, learning and education habits have become completely dependent on internet infrastructures. The Internet-based learning opportunity also increases the consumer’s demand for information, learning and entertainment rapidly. But increasing consumption demand does not ease the arduous processes of content creation. Creativity, effort and time in content production have become a great need. It is observed that the increase in consumption needs may result in compromising quality on some platforms. One of the first solutions that comes to mind in order to maintain the same standard in quality is content curation. Content curation, which enables the brand to maintain the same level of consistency in the content it produces, means compiling existing content rather than producing original content. These contents, which include more than one source for a specific subject, are enriched with various explanations and presented to the reader. In this process, in which many authors are involved, the content is constantly enriched by making different additions, not once. 

Content curation includes: 

  • Finding the best content from multiple sources from your existing knowledge base or external sources
  • Filtering so that only the most relevant content succeeds.
  • Sharing with the right audiences, at the right time, on the right platform
  • Adding value to this content with commentary, context or organization

Content curation also has many economic benefits for organizations. It allows a large part of the time and financial resources devoted to creating new content to be kept indoors. In addition, this approach to content curation in the ongoing process will also help create a more positive and effective learning culture in your organization. This system, which provides an information sharing environment between personnel and teams, will also allow for increased in-house integration. As those who work with content curation share content, it also helps build strong connections and working relationships between subject matter experts and students. Using a single platform for your content means that all information will be kept securely for long-term use and also easily accessible to staff at any time. Content curation can save employees significant time and help improve company productivity and results. 

To sum it up, taking a proactive approach to content curation and incorporating it into your learning strategy results in many benefits for your staff and your business in general. Using it in conjunction with your regular staff training mechanisms can create positive and long-lasting changes in your organization’s learning culture. 




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