March 28, 2023 Ceyhun Aslan

How to Create a Continuous Learning Experience for Your Trainees 

How to Create a Continuous Learning Experience for Your Trainees 

Having a good trainee program is key for hiring the most suitable new graduates to your company. Since they are new in the industry training them is very important. A continuous learning program will help them to keep up with the fast paced working environments. Also, everybody knows that today’s workforce want the flexibility when it comes to learning. Inside of crammed trainings which will not help in the long term a firm should use the method of continuous learning method. Let’s talk about how to create a continuous learning experience for your trainees. 

Mobile Learning 

Having a mobile learning system is very important to help your young trainees to learn. Times are changing and the conventional learning methods are left behind. Now learners need accessible tools at their disposal. Mobile learning has very powerful tools. It will enable your trainees to take courses at anywhere they want thanks to microlearning. Critical information delivered in short time intervals will improve the knowledge of your trainees on the any subject. L&D teams should really work hard on mobile learning to improve their continuous learning experience. 

Setting Learning Goals within Teams 

Trainees must be open to challenges in the work environment. Managers should set standard performance goals, have all trainees set their own learning goals and share them with the rest of the team. Making the goals transparent will make trainees accountable for reaching them and try their best. L&D team leaders should follow that process of trainees. They should ensure that trainees have the time and resources to reach the goals that they set. 

Teaching How to Give Feedback 

The ability to give a good feedback is an important skill in the work environment. That’s why we want trainees to get this skill.  Giving effective feedback between trainees and managers will help trainees to have a continuous learning experience. Helping future leaders develop those skills will ensure they are well-prepared to be the coach of their teams in the future. You can also start a peer-to-peer coaching system to make giving feedback and exchanging ideas between trainees and other workers. By doing so workers can share their expertise with the trainees. 

We mentioned the things that you can do for your trainees to have a continuous learning experience. Applying these methods will help both your company and trainees. 

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