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How Odilo Works & Top Alternatives For Odilo 

How Odilo Works & Top Alternatives For Odilo 

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has begun to lose its importance in social dynamics, it still continues to be dangerous medically. In this pandemic process, where the danger still continues, we continue to postpone our social lives and discover new habits and platforms where we can get the maximum benefit and pleasure in our homes. 

It was one of the habits we developed to adapt to the digitalized learning culture, which spread rapidly with the pandemic, although its existence dates back to ancient times. One of the prominent platforms we used as a product of this habit was Odilo. 

What is Odilo? 

ODILO is a digital library solution for libraries that understand very well the importance of reading and encouraging reading habits. The other aspect of their functionality is a feature known as BYOC, which stands for Bring Your Own Content, conceptualized to allow libraries and their customers to upload digital content. For example, a freelance writer might use the system to submit all of their books, or the library might document local music and historical content. Today, ODILO has over 140 million authorized users providing access to digital content through smart digital libraries it offers to innovative ministries of education, universities and libraries around the world. 


How Does Odilo Work? 

In this new normal, it has never been more important to have robust and easy-to-use online learning platforms and library systems that make the learning process more efficient and meet the needs and learning preferences of the entire community. 

However, in many cases these solutions are insufficient. To address this problem, a new category and type of fully integrated learning technologies, content access and learning services have emerged called “limitless learning ecosystems”. 




 Thanks to a digital library solution offered by Odilo, you can continue to make your learning process unlimited by choosing from thousands of books suitable for your needs and tastes on the Odilo platform. ODILO also has a fully integrated learning experience platform that supports customizable and interactive Learning Clubs and Book Clubs for the entire community or team, which can be hosted by faculty, alumni or even the author of a particular title himself. There are also individualized learning paths that support students in their career development, or virtual classrooms that allow the student to easily connect with other students and teachers and access necessary course materials. 


What is Odilo’s Alternative in Digital Learning? 

Another important name in the digital learning ecosystem is Further. Further is a mobile training platform for skill development. You can easily filter the course that suits your skills among thousands of courses offered by Further. All you have to do is select the desired skill. To mention other features that make Further stand out: 

Artificial intelligence 

Further saves you from allocating courses and content manually with its artificial intelligence supported infrastructure. Thanks to AI tags, it can distribute content and training to your employees without human touch. 



Skills Reports and Certifications 

Further rewards your contacts with customized and verifiable certificates and badges, while providing reports to track your skill learning progress as a group or individually. You too can start your Further experience through our free trial to continue making your learning process limitless. 



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