March 28, 2023 Barış Bingöl

How NovoEd Works & Top Alternatives For NovoEd 

How NovoEd Works & Top Alternatives For NovoEd 


NovoEd was founded in 2012 and it is a talent development platform that combines social and collaborative learning to unleash human potential with measurable impact. Ideal for context-oriented and cross-functional areas that require a combination of human and technical skills, NovoEd is a platform that empowers learning that is deeply felt, experienced and quickly deconstructed into impact. 


In today’s world, the act of learning is a personal experience both socially and by nature, whether we are aware of it or not. Strategic abilities that need to be developed in terms of learning are possible thanks to experience and work. Knowledge tests long-held beliefs as it changes perspective and inspires growth when discussed, reflected on and shared. 


The abilities developed specifically for learning are the characteristics that develop and make individuals, teams and entire organizations experienced. Features such as leadership, design-oriented thinking and entrepreneurship are also developed through learning. Concepts such as awareness, social competence and self-confidence, which go beyond the acquisition and application of knowledge are also developed through learning. 


NovoEd’s collaborative learning platform serves organizations by empowering them to design and deliver experiential learning that accelerates business performance on a global scale. 


Since the establishment of the company, global companies, executive education providers and training firms, purposeful performing work, coaching and mentoring services to develop skills through collaboration and group studies performs high value. NovoEd’s learning approach connects various student groups, consultants and leaders in a highly effective online environment, providing measurable results by analyzing and uncovering organizations’ information or shortcomings. 


NovoEd’s intuitive learning design provides features to support collaboration and analytical ability, high-value organizational abilities and shared learning experiences. You can benefit from learning with the industry’s leading scalable online learning program. 


In addition, the platform provides services by designing high-impact collaborative learning experiences that attract students’ attention and enable deep skill development. In general, by integrating constructive feedback with meaningful educational content, students share it with work. 

NovoEd provides benefits that promote accountability for students, administrators and foster a dynamic learning environment accelerate skill development. 


Moreover, NovoEd also supports strengthening corporate transformation by changing applications that support learning transformation and on-the-job performance on a large scale. Other revolutionary enterprise-ready features, such as mobile learning and powerful analytical data, also benefit from improving companies’ mission-critical capabilities. Large-scale organizations such as 3M, GE and Nestle are partnering with NovoEd to accelerate critical business initiatives with cohesive and engaging learning experiences that place each student at the intersection of perspective, practice and expertise. 


Further, is the best alternative for NovoEd. 


What is Further? 


Further is a mobile learning platform to enhance learning and skill. 

Thanks to Further, you can benefit from informal and artificial intelligence-supported learning.  

Without the hassle of organizing courses, you can start improving yourself by simply choosing the skills you want.  

In addition, with the learning platform, you can customize the training according to your needs using artificial intelligence without a human touch, without the need to manually allocate lessons or content, thanks to artificial intelligence. 


What does Further offer? 


  • Artificial Intelligence backed personalization 
  • Leverage free internet content 
  • Plug and play mobile learning experience platform 
  • Skill Reports and certificates 


In short, to personalize and improve your learning  you can visit the site.  


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