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How Grovo Works & Top Alternatives For Grovo 

How Grovo Works & Top Alternatives For Grovo 

In today’s world where information and work flow is so concentrated, it has become almost mandatory to acquire various micro-learning habits. In particular, micro-learning platforms are at the forefront of this process. Before we talk about Grova, one of the most prominent micro learning platforms, let’s talk about what micro learning platforms are. 

Microlearning platforms are enterprise learning solutions used by human resources and learning and development (L&D) departments. These training solutions, which employees can follow on a daily basis; It allows sharing short educational content that they can access regardless of time, place and device. It is the Saas micro-learning platform provided to companies in Grovo in the most nutshell. Grovo’s microlearning library covers topics such as digital skills, social skills, management training and HR/compliance training. with Grova; Trainers and administrators have access to learning management system tools and training analytics, as well as a dashboard with a customer service team that aligns learning strategy with business goals. 


What is Learning with Grovo? 

Grovo is a learning platform in line with today’s century approach, which oversees the continuous development of employees. Grovo is a leader in Microlearning, a modern and effective approach to workplace learning that provides employees with single-concept, hybrid-media courses in a workflow. 

What Separates Grovo from Other Platforms? 

Grovo is a trusted platform for providing actionable and digestible lessons that increase engagement, lesson completion and lesson adoption. With Grovo, you can expect faster engagement, higher retention, better cross-functional collaboration, and improved team performance. 

Another platform that can be an alternative to Grovo in microlearning is Further 

Further is a mobile learning application that allows users to access unlimited and personalized content based on skills and interests. With Furter’s artificial intelligence-supported infrastructure, you do not need to allocate courses or content manually. AI already filters the contents according to your preference through tags. Through further you can follow the skill learning process as a group or individually, while rewarding your employees with customized and verifiable certificates and badges. 



Artificial intelligence 

Further saves you from allocating courses and content manually with its artificial intelligence supported infrastructure. Thanks to AI tags, it can distribute content and training to your employees without human touch. 

Skills Reports and Certifications 

Further rewards your contacts with customized and verifiable certificates and badges, while providing reports to track your skill learning progress as a group or individually. You too can start your Further experience through our free trial to continue making your learning process limitless. 

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