March 28, 2023 Ceyhun Aslan

How Degreed Works? 

How Degreed Works? 

Degreed introduces a smart learning management system that provides employers with more options for educating their workforce. Learners are monitored through detailed profiles and analytics. System administrators can easily see which skills a person has mastered and which areas require additional attention. The system even includes tools for tracking informal learning activities such as watching videos or reading books. It provides a dynamic eLearning platform that combines flexibility and simplicity. Users have access to a massive library of training materials, as well as time-saving tools that benefit both the company and the trainees they lead.  Employees get access to over 225,000 courses through the system. Trainees can quickly find courses to help them advance their careers. A massive library will also provide staff with more opportunities to develop their skills. Learning paths present trainees with a defined road map to follow in order to achieve their long-term educational objectives. Degreed enables each department to create a personalized learning route with appropriate learning objectives. Administrators might assign tasks for educational requirements to smaller groups. Degreed offers a convenient bookmarklet that integrates with the user’s browser. When it is installed, the user can immediately upload content from other websites. Each item has the ability to be added to a profile or queue. The button is ideally placed on the browser, so it is always accessible regardless of where the user navigates. 



Is there any better alternative? Further!! 


Further is a mobile application developed by Sertifier. Further allows users to access unlimited and personalized content based on skills and interests. Further brings you exclusive content from all around the internet among millions of videos, blogs and sources. By using Further, you’ll be able to pick the skills and sources of your interest. Reach personalized daily feed created by artificial intelligence backed algorithm. Get rewarded with certificates and badges for your skill progress and content list completion.   

Track your employees skill learning progress, whether in groups or individually, and award them with personalized, verified certifications and badges. Consider that 75% of it is informal learning, which includes chit conversations, blogs, YouTube videos, and all other daily stuff. Now imagine that all of this informal learning is being tracked, categorized with skill, tailored with AI, and updated with AI-backed algorithms. There are billions of pieces of content available in the form of blogs, films, podcasts, and so on. So, stop wasting time looking for the best learning content for your employees. 

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