Adopt Mobile Learning For Online Training

Revolutionary technological developments in the world in the last hundred years have led to the desire to live our lives more conveniently with new technologies. In the process, the development of technology that covers all areas of our lives; has led to a change in the demand-needs equation and our wishes have become indispensable needs. Yes, technology, especially mobile technology, has become an indispensable part of our lives. Mobile technology, which is included in our lives, is divided into sub-headings such as m-work, m-learning. Mobile learning can also be adopted for online training.

M-Learning has become a very strong alternative to traditional education, with the introduction of portable computer technologies into our lives and the inclusion of internet technology in our lives. Before going deeper into M-Learning, let’s first explain what M-Learning is.

What is Mobile Learning?

M-learning, also known as mobile learning, is a distance continuous education model in which learning is carried out with mobile tools. In addition, M-learning is a form of continuous learning that provides access to content and communication with other learners without being tied to a place. M-learning technologies include handhelds, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. M-learning focuses on student mobility by interacting with portable technologies.

M-Learning; It can be sustained both by incorporating mobile devices into the traditional education style and in the distance education style, which is completely mobile.

Benefits of Incorporating Mobile Devices into Traditional Education

• Existing mobile technology can replace cumbersome resources such as textbooks, visual aids and presentation technology.

• Systems such as digital note-taking applications and digital books, which have entered our lives with the development of computer technologies, eliminate the storage and transportation problems caused by other cumbersome resources.

• Interactive and multimodal technology allows students to use and process information.

Distance Learning

• Mobile phone especially for distance education or with students whose courses require them to be quite mobile, and especially with the availability of homework results, relocations and cancellations etc. can be used to convey information about

• Mobile devices facilitate teacher and student and student-to-student online interaction. Mobile devices facilitate interaction in real time, allowing students to receive instant feedback. Educators can also assess student comprehension using mobile devices that provide real-time updates on student progress and allow teachers to tailor and personalize their teaching.

General Benefits of Mobile Learning Technology

• You can find relatively cheaper deals as mobile devices cost significantly less than PCs and laptops.

• Multimedia content delivery and creation options

• Continuous and built-in learning support

• Reduction in training costs

• A potentially more rewarding learning experience

• New opportunities for traditional educational institutions

• Reduction in textbook costs

• Contributes to the concept of sustainability as an alternative to traditional notebooks and books.

• Access to personalized content

• Remote access to information

• Enhanced literacy levels

In summary, m-learning has created an opportunity for continuous learning by making education independent of time and space. At the same time, it has eliminated all the problems of starting and maintaining your personalized training plans. Now you can create your own training plans with m-learning and continue learning regardless of time and place.

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