Top Platforms That Can Help You With Content Curation

3 Useful Content Curation Platforms

With technology becoming accessible to most people, there has been an increase in content production and consumption. Although a small number of people used to produce content before, nowadays anyone who wishes can participate in the content process from personal tools. A mobile phone, computer or camera that almost everyone has are sufficient tools to produce content. The increasing number of content sometimes becomes confusing and dizzying for users doing content research. You can find top platforms that can help you with content curation.

The internet hosts unlimited content in different languages. We need to do research every day about school, work or hobbies. Sometimes the results offered by the search engine may not satisfy you. Showing irrelevant content, the large number of unreliable resources, and many other problems bother you in the process of accessing the content. Content curation is a new method that provides many advantages for users.

Why People Use Content Curation?

We try to integrate technological innovations into different areas of our lives. Even our daily work has changed to the extent that innovations allow. With curation, people can easily access the content they want. With the development of technology and the acceleration of everything, we have become increasingly impatient. Content curation shortens the time spent learning and accessing content. Content curation collects and organizes related content from various sources and presents it to the user strategically. Besides, content curation platforms are life-saving for people who work at a busy pace. If you’re wondering which content curation platform is good for you and everyone else, that’s Further.



Feedly is a content curation platform which reads information and analyze it for users. It has an AI research assistant named Leo. With Feedly it is possible to choose and prioritize the topics you want, eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant information.



With the content curation application pocket, it is possible to save everything you find on the internet in a library for later. You can save a content you are interested in and access it directly whenever you want.

Further: Content Curator Platform

Content Curator Platform
Content Curator Platform – Further

Today, users can find dozens of content curation platforms. This number is growing as content curation and its benefits become known. Now, you can download Further App to access curated content easily. Further is a content curator platform powered by artificial intelligence technology. It filters the content obtained in various formats and presents it to users from all fields in the most appropriate way. The content can be a YouTube video or an article from Medium. Further users can select the fields from the content library that are suitable for them so they are always exposed to what they are interested in. The platform offers effective features to its users in free and paid options. Moreover, it sends analyzes that help you see the development of people in your network.

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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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