Looking for easiest way to curate learning content for your people? You've come to the right place.

At Further, we empower you with artificial intelligence backed mobile learning curation platform for the skills development of your people.

Further has millions of content and thousands of sources in its library. All contents are free also related to a skill already.

We believe the way to scale your business and benefit your people goes through upskilling. Using Further, you can preferred skills and reports at your desire.

Further allows you access a huge skills library with millions of content. Also, with this mobile learning curation platform, you can add or integrate all your learning content. Rest is on autopilot and backed with AI.

Year is 2021. People are mobile. Also, Further is mobile. We allow you to customize your people’s learning in one place, update their learning instantly via a mobile learning curation platform.

Do not stop using your LMS, we are not suggesting it. Further is a great add-on for your learning design and boost it up. Further allows integration with every LMS.

Further allows automated skills tracking and awarding for your people. You can always create course lists and embed certificates or badges to their end.