How about we just show you how Further,
the mobile learning application, works?

Further, is designed as a mobile learning application which will increase the efficiency of your educational process thanks to its user-friendly interface, advanced artificial intelligence, and the content center, which collects content from thousands of sources. Further was made for you. Users or administrators can also use feed customization easily to their benefit. What else? If you, as a manager, are going to use Further to train your employees, you can send motivational or call-to-action notifications such as “come on, take a coffee break” or “it’s time for class” to their smartphones at a click. With this application, you can easily and continuously follow your people thanks to the necessary reports needed to closely monitor their development. Thanks to detailed analysis reports, you can see how much time your employees devote to their learning and development. They will also be able to take these reports as feedback and strive to improve themselves further.