How Workday Enterprise Learning Works

The nature of learning has changed with the introduction of the virtual world into our lives. This brought with it the concept of E-learning. One of the most important concepts for E-learning is quality content. In order to reach quality content, it is important to get support from Content Curation.

In this context, Workday Learning offers a different approach by upgrading learning from a disconnected, solid experience to a consumer-like, on-demand and relevant experience.

What is Workday Enterprise Learning?

Workday Learning provides an opportunity for a contemporary learning experience by developing content and hosting the necessary trainings in a single application.

It transforms business results by offering learning in a social environment and supports organizations in providing an employee-centered experience. Employees can take control of their own training experience, set personalized preferences that reveal relevant content for current or future roles, see recommended training, and access the necessary materials.

However, do to learning is not one-way, Workday Learning aims to share the content in videos created with the interactions and tests of teams. This, in turn, reduces the cost and time associated with creating content, while ensuring that the content is compatible with the goals of your organization.

Workday Learning ensures that learning can be managed in a way that provides personalized learning to everyone to support their career goals.

When curating content that builds specific skills or specializations, campaigns can be used to deliver relevant learning directly to defined groups or entire populations. And campaign analytics provides detailed information about the effectiveness of communication.

Workday Learning also offers the first learning system consisting of Finance and HCM systems. Thanks to this organic connection, it becomes possible to incorporate learning into working contact points. For example, you can include a certain content in the recruitment process, check the available learning opportunities when setting goals, or recommend personalized courses specifically for employees when an employee changes jobs or is promoted.

Further is the closest alternative to Workday Learning in terms of personalized e-learning and content curation service.

What is Further?

Further is a mobile learning curation platform to enhance learning and skill.

Thanks to Further, you can benefit from informal and artificial intelligence-supported learning. Without the hassle of organizing courses, you can start improving yourself by simply choosing the skills you want.

In addition, with the Content Creator platform, you can customize the training according to your needs using artificial intelligence without a human touch, without the need to manually allocate lessons or content, thanks to artificial intelligence.

What does Further offer?

  • Artificial Intelligence backed personalization
  • Leverage free internet content
  • Plug and play mobile learning experience platform
  • Skill Reports and certificates

In short, to personalize and improve your learning  you can visit the site.

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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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