How Udemy Business Works

Udemy is an educational technology, online open course and an online mobile learning application for adults and students, which includes courses created by professional volunteer instructors in their field. Courses are designed that will help you examine or enhance a specific skill. Every student who completes a direction gets a certification of completion, though it can not be used to acquire formal accreditation for continuing education units or coursework. Udemy is a platform that permits teachers to build online courses on their favored topics. Using Udemy’s course improvement tools, they could add videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, ZIP documents and live lessons to create courses.

At the same time, Udemy Business service is offered as another type of program.

Udemy Business is Udemy’s B2B (interagency) learning dec. The Udemy Business program helps organizations overcome their biggest workforce challenges by enabling employees to receive competency trainings and improve themselves through Udemy courses. Udemy Business offers a subscription package of thousands of Udemy courses, selected taking into account their quality and relevance to the business world. Trainers participating in Udemy Business give their brand visibility in front of a new business audience and also generate revenue. Courses offered on Udemy for Business are divided into following categories: Design, Development, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT & Software, Management, Marketing, Office Productivity, and Personal Wellbeing. Classes are generally video-based with other resources provided.

Not only does Udemy Business offer education and training, there are also many websites that serve in this way. If you can’t find the education you want in Udemy, you have many alternatives. I would like to list 10 of them for you.

Top 10 Alternatives to Udemy Business

  • Pluralsight Skills
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Skillsoft
  • O’Reilly Online Learning
  • Further
  • CBT Nuggets
  • Udacity
  • SAP Litmos

Thanks to mobile learning and distance learning platforms, which are constantly on the rise with the pandemic, you can use many sites without being connected to a single place. By adding the certificates obtained from these trainings to the CV, you can increase your job opportunities more.

What is Further?

Further, by advancing in the field of educational technology, it provides a mobile learning platform to students and employees who want to improve themselves.

What Does Further Offer?

  • Further is a mobile learning application which is created with care, for your convenience.
  • Everyone is different and deserves a personalized learning experience. 
  • Content from thousands of sources available on the mobile learning application’s content center for you to select, compile, and assign your people.
  • With the help of this mobile learning application, you can get custom reports for each of your groups/people and see how you can help them engage more with suggestions.

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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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