Informal, in other words, informal learning is actually a form of learning that starts organically in the very early stages of our lives and continues. Informal learning by definition; refers to learning that takes place away from an unstructured, formal classroom setting. Informal learning comes in many forms, including watching videos, self-study, reading articles, participating in forums and chat rooms, performance support, coaching sessions and games. Informal learning takes place not only from created content or programs, but also throughout the day as educators interact with colleagues and seniors at work (even outside).

How Can You Use MicroLearning to Promote Informal Learning in the Workplace?

Brief definition of microlearning; It is the process of dividing the learning process into small units and doing it in short stages. Let’s take a look at how you can use microlearning to promote informal learning in your corporate learning processes.


With each microlearning content tagged to create powerful metadata, your employees can easily find what they need to complete real work related work. This increases the interest and motivation of more employees towards their work. Because employees can personalize their training experience, they are more likely to apply job-related knowledge and seek future training.

Highly visual, explanatory videos

Using explanatory videos at an in-house training or event is a great way to summarize primary learning. When you enrich the explanatory videos prepared

in a small format with visuals; It will also appeal to the visual memory of the brain. More importantly, it can be used as effectively as a business aid that can be delivered within your employees’ own workflow, on the device of their choice. This flexibility will allow students to browse it and use it to reinforce their learning.

Creating a simulation environment where information can be activated

It is extremely important to activate the knowledge you have learned with practice. When you want to check whether your employee can apply the knowledge and technique learned during the corporate training process, you can use this technique to help them apply what they have learned in a safe environment.

Interactive PDFs

You can structure the data in a well-structured interactive PDF format that allows your employees to quickly browse long information in seconds.


You can make your corporate learning continuous with interactive e-books that appeal to your area of expertise. Like interactive PDFs, eBook formats allow you to share long information in small chunks. However, eBooks offer no interaction and have a linear flow and structure. eBooks are designed to be printable and can be offered as a business aid that can be made available within the student’s workflow.

In summary, micro-learning methods can be used in your education, activities or work environments to increase the incentive for informal learning in your

institution. Making improvements on small parts can further increase the motivation of your employees for their work.


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