How Edcast Works & Top Alternatives For Edcast

Nowadays, due to some of the difficulties that the digital world has brought us, there have been radical changes in our knowledge and skills needs in our business life. With the developing business applications, there was an urgent need to take advantage of digital capabilities. Therefore, businesses should help employees adapt to these changes. Founded in Silicon Valley, EdCast; It serves as a unified SaaS platform that supports end-to-end employee experience journeys that encompass learning, skill acquisition and career mobility. Then, how Edcast works and what are the top alternatives for Edcast? It is an AI-powered knowledge cloud and learning content management platform designed to help companies discover, improve and recommend learning content across external, internal and implied knowledge sources.

This platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses increase productivity through personalized learning experiences. The platform provides a mobile-first resource for users to easily access valuable content.

AI-powered exploration provides recommendations and relevance, delivering improvements in the talent experience. Through Edcast, which enables learning and skill development through a personalized expert content in the business context, great advantages can be achieved in terms of learning. Advanced skills service is provided to support career mobility on an enterprise-level flexible and customizable platform with analytical features. It is possible to provide a service integrated with accurate classifications in terms of education and special talent management platforms in the context of careers.

Thanks to this platform, you can make the right investment for the future from a single unified platform for learning experience, skills experience and career mobility. A culture of learning, growth mindset, and effective curiosity can be created and fostered in organizations to provide useful, consumable and relevant knowledge and learning in the workflow.

What Are The Returns of Edcast?

EdCast provides industry-leading AI and machine learning concepts to both Global 2000 companies and public sector organizations by offering the best Information Cloud solutions, personalized learning microlearning. Edcast’s award-winning platform is used internationally by organizations ranging from global companies to small businesses.

With EdCast platforms, businesses can attract, develop, and retain a high-performance, future-ready workforce. EdCast’s offerings include the Talent Experience Platform, Spark for SMEs, EdCast Marketplace and MyGuide Digital Adoption Platform. EdCast is recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer.

An example of how EdCast helps businesses is the company’s work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With HPE, EdCast has created the catalyst for the digital transformation and acceleration of personalized learning. This HPE solution integrates the power of search, content improvement and access to subject matter experts and social learning for the company’s worldwide teams. In another example, EdCast’s partnership with the SDSN Association has enabled the group to develop knowledge solutions that provide critical information and courses to be accessed worldwide in an engaging way via online and mobile platforms.

EdCast’s executive team has a background in creating large-scale transformational technology solutions and are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online information sharing.

To sum up, EdCast; A platform that can leverage upskilling and reskilling capabilities across organizations to future-proof high productivity, exceptional performance, and talent. It develops highly productive, high-performing and future-ready talents by providing employees with rich opportunities for professional development.

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