How Cornerstone Learning Works

There are some important factors that will make your institution stand out from other institutions in this industry 4.0 process, which is primarily focused on employee satisfaction. In-house training is one of them. There are many application solutions that you can maintain in your institution regarding in-house training. For example, mobile learning application. Before we talk about these application solutions, let’s talk about what in-house training is and what its criticisms are.

In-house training is a type of corporate training that involves the use of a company’s own expertise and resources. Employee training activity is carried out by internal staff and employees. Training refers to the teaching of job-related skills or knowledge to employees in order to improve their efficiency and productivity and the organization as a whole.

What are the advantages of in-house training?

• Investing in employees is the best way to maximize your profits.

• They offer better value for money.

• Companies have the ability to customize training according to their needs.

• In-house training is more flexible in terms of timing.

• When combined with digital learning, employees’ technology knowledge increases.

• Cost savings for employees in terms of travel and other subsidiaries.

• In-house training gives trainers the ability to adapt training as needed.

• The company can also develop its own tools that can be commercialized.

• It improves internal communication and relations within the institution.

Companies implement their own training in-house training programs to meet specific business needs. Therefore, designing in-house training programs depends on the size of the organization, the number of trainees, the number of trainers, the desired outcome of the training, etc. depends on many factors such as.

Here are some key points to consider to help companies design in-house training programs:

• Needs assessment

• Toolkit design

• Verifying the training program

• Train trainers

• Decide on the mobile learning platform that you can use in education.

In-house training is now mostly carried out digitally. In this case, institutions need to use a series of in-house training or mobile learning applications in order to make the training more effective and to strengthen the relationship within the institution. When it comes to in-house training, one of the first platforms that comes to mind is Cornerstone Learning, while the alternative is Further. Let’s examine these two platforms now.

What is Cornerstone Learning?

Cornerstone Learning is the platform that partners with organizations to develop performance environments that lead to high levels of sustainable employee engagement. Their tailored approach establishes and fosters the right performance environment in which ongoing, sustainable engagement is organizationally enabled, leader supported, and employee driven.

What is Further?

Further is a mobile learning application that allows users to access unlimited and personalized content based on skills and interests. With Furter’s artificial intelligence-supported infrastructure, you do not need to allocate courses or content manually. AI already filters the contents according to your preference through tags. Through Further you can follow the skill learning process as a group or individually, while rewarding your employees with customized and verifiable certificates and badges.

In summary, when you combine the training you provide in-house with digital learning platforms, you can make your in-house training process more efficient. Start your free trial version of  to increase in-house productivity!

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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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