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In daily life, our brain is an organ that works continuously at a certain working level, without becoming active with action. Our brain, which is constantly active, is actually affected by every signal around us that we are not aware of at the conscious level. Informal learning actually emerges in this way. Informal, in other words, informal learning is actually a form of learning that starts organically in the very early stages of our lives and continues. Informal learning by definition; refers to learning that takes place away from a structured, formal classroom setting. Informal learning comes in many forms, including watching videos, self-study, reading articles, participating in forums and chat rooms, performance support, coaching sessions and games. Content curation for learning is the best solution that has emerged to make informal learning more productive that starts organically and continues throughout life.

Content curation is the process of finding and collecting online content and presenting the best pieces in a structured way. In this way, you can filter your learning preferences according to yourself and go the way you planned. Let’s examine the first platforms that come to mind when we say content curation.

What is Andres Pink?

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Anders Pink is one of the platforms we know best when we talk about content curation. Anders Pink is a content curation platform that lets you stream content based on your preferred topics. These content streams are automatically updated with new content every few hours. You can create them using keywords and additional filters so you can get the latest content from specific sources such as websites, twitter influencers or RSS feeds. Content streams can be private or public according to your preference, and most importantly, you can set them up for free! It should be mentioned that if you are one of those who like to continue the learning process on the go via your mobile device, Andres Pink also has iOS and Android apps.

Now let’s see what Andres Pink is capable of doing.

• You can set up custom briefings.

• You can create teams to collaborate with your colleagues at work at briefings.

• You can counter-notice the content by voting, commenting and sharing.

• You can easily discover the latest content on any topic.

• You can save articles and organize them into folders to read later.

• You can follow topics that interest you or general briefings.

In summary, Andres Pink is a platform where you can interactively follow and edit content according to your tastes and preferences. However, Andres Pink is not the only content curation platform where you can continue your informal learning. Further is the closest alternative to Andres Pink.

What is Further?

Further is a mobile learning curation platform for skill building. Through Further, you can continue your normal learning on an artificial intelligence supported platform. You can filter your courses according to your preferences by selecting the skills you want. You can follow up personalized content and skills with the mobile learning application so that you can continue your normal learning regardless of place and time.

What Does Further Offer?

• Artificial intelligence-assisted personalization

• Enjoying free internet content

• Mobile learning experience platform

• Skill reports and certifications

In summary, it’s time to visit  to bring a new order to your informal learning style and content curation!


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On a final note, if you are looking to get into content curation for learning as an organization, you might be interested in checking out Further and requesting a free demo. See you!

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