In today’s world, there are regular changes brought by technology to our lives. Capturing this process of change is one of the processes that societies of our age try to adapt the most. In addition to societies, companies are also trying to keep up with this change and development and try to make their own working processes and systems better and optimal with everything that changes and develops. Within these processes, employees need a personalized learning process where they can learn within the company, find a place of their own in the changing and developing processes, and approach these processes with a critical perspective and improve them. Today, to close this gap, most companies develop learning and training processes within their own organization that are suitable for their working culture. There are some issues that companies should take into account in these Continuous learning processes. First if all this learning experience has to focus on learner itself, in this case the learner is employees. Having a employee focused learning experience in the company helps employees to have deeper connection with their jobs, a better communication with their co-workers and create a balanced work schedule between departments since employees will level up their skills during their Informal learning experiences. Employees should be completely prepared toward the start of their positions, yet additionally as they fill in their positions and gain new liabilities. By putting resources into motivating and viable learning courses for their labor force that beginning during onboarding yet last past that period, associations can kick off commitment, and guarantee that it has an enduring impact.

Second of all, company C level employees and management has to understand what actually is L&D experience and what the company aims when they trying to implement this education system for the employees. Having a well planed and also know what its outcomes will be learning experience help employees to engage more to this education system and they can see the opportunities behind it. Assuming your organization’s point is to construct an inner authority pipeline, you can likewise utilize a learning stage to make a culture that drives profession discussions and plans workers for advancements. Last but not least, the learning experience for the employees has to be prepared by trainers, professors or the people who has experience on both education and company job in order to understand the needs and fulfill them with the learning experience a company desires. Having these tips will provide a good and promising learning experience for both the employees and the company in the future.

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